Entrepreneur journey

My entrepreneur journey from when I started 13 years ago up till today and how that journey has been, is what I want to share with you now.

So this entrepreneur journey of mine started about 13 years ago. I worked at a low paid job at a factory when I discovered that people was making money and in fact making a living onlinr from home.

So now to the start of my entrepreneur journey. after a while I decided to sign up for a matrix opportunity that a lot of people was getting into it seemed. Back then I knew nothing about marketing and I tried to learn from my sponsor in that business, but the results never really appeared for me.


I got frustrated but was still not giving up. Well weeks passed without me having much success so finally I quit on that matrix opportunity. But after a while a marketer shared a new matrix opportunity that sounded really exciting, the earning potential was pretty good. So I decided to sign up for it, I thought that I had nothing to lose.

But history repeated itself as my entrepreneur journey went on with this opportunity as well, no matter what I did I just could not get any sign ups. I had not learned that much more about marketing but still though and hoped that things would turn out diffeerently this time. But naturally it didn´t.

Entrepreneur journey

The break through

It was a bit silly of me to believe so but I have heard that other people also have made this mistake in their entrepreneur journey by thinking that by keeping doing the same thing they hope to get different results. But it does not work that way. Although my sponsors tried to coach me the best they could and after me taking action on their advice, I never had that break through with making money online. So after a while I gave up on build ing that matrix opportunity and left it.

And this pattern kept on for quite some time when I joined and left oppportunities, and I did not know how or where to find a good mentor.

As my entrepreneur journey went on I met marketers and ectrepreneurs that was really successful and I listened to their advice and so on. I tried to apply the smarketing startegies that they shared and sometimes I got some small resulresults actually, I made a little money at last. But the amounts stay low and I am not saying that something what wrong with the training I received, but I failed to get the big results that others got from the training. I am not sure why…


I came across other marketers over time that that I learned about blogging and applying Search engine optimisation from. The traning was good and I managed to rank my blog content quite well at search engines. But I did not make any money. Now I have re learned some of the things I thought was correct about blogging and search engine optimization. Now I got really good mentors.

During this entrepreneur journey I have consider to quit online marketing many times because I was struggling so hard. But something inside me refused to quit, I did not want to give up my dream on becoming successful. So do not quit and give up when you are going through these difficult times, because things will be better if you do not. It wasn´t until recently I had a kind of a break through. Watch the image below to see what I mean.

Entrepreneur journey

It Changed

It was after investing in Instantpay machine and the coaching we recive that I made those $500. it was such a great feeling seeing those commmissions inside this syste. Finally I made some more money. You can find out more about this income opportunity here.

I love our team and community where we support oner another, I really glad that I come across Instantpay machine. Everything seems easier now and we have great training where we learned how to get sig n ups and leads by using free organaic traffic. this means that you do not have to spend money on traffic if you do not want to. With this system you build multiple streams of income as well. You get instantly paid to your bank account.

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I hope you maybe got inspired to read this blog post about my entrepreneur journey. So do not give up on your dreams, I believe that too many are giving up on their dreams. Do you have a similar story or are you already very successful? feel free to leave your comments below.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.

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