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Free traffic is it worth it?

Does free traffic free website traffic work,or is it just a waste ot time? There are several free traffic strategies that works and I will be going into them shortly. Now about free traffic, the methods may mean that you do not have to pay any money  to benefit from them, but you still so to speak have to pay with the time you need to put into them. But if you are new to affiliate marketing, what is traffic?  Website traffic is basically the amount of visitor that visits a website. By the way, below is a video that I recently recorded about my opinions on different free traffic strategies that you can put to use.




All free traffic sources my not be all that good and of good quality but I will share the free traffic strategies with you now that I recommend.



Blogging still works with affiliate marketing  but you need to realize that blogging does snot mean fast money. You need to see it for the longer period of time, but yes you can make money with affiliate marketing and blogging. Choose a niche for your blog and buy a domain name that is branded towards you, and your own hosting and you are all set to get started. You could set up a review blog on products within the niche you are working in. Create new content often and the longer content you write the better. You should at least write 500 words in each post, and it is great if you could come up with 2000 words in each of your blog posts. The more you blog the better you will be at creating long blog content. So even if 2000 words seems like a lot, it does not have to be un reachable.


Free traffic



You could record video reviews about affiliate products and upload to Youtube and other video sharing platforms tp use free traffic to make money online.  I know that showing ones face on camera is not for everyone. But the more you do something you feel nervous about the easier it will become. But there still are ways for you to record videos without you showing your face on them. You could hire a seller at Fiverr to create your videos. or you could create slideshows for instance. So there is always a way…


Free traffic


Posting on social media

Posting on social media sites, as for instance Facebook is another way to generate free traffic. I am not suggesting posting on these money making Fb groups now, no I am getting at posting on your Facebook wall. Many marketers are using this method to make sales. What is required to make this strategy work for you, is that you need to be creative when creating those posts on your wall. You need to stand out and be entertaining. You need to awaken peoples curiosity with your posts. If you think that this sounds difficult, well it does not have to be. Because we have a training for that here.



So is free traffic worth it? Well if you apply the right type of free traffic and know how to make them work for you then yes they are really worth it.But again, it takes  consistency and focus. The free traffic methods should be worth it for anyone with a limited budget or for those with zero budget, or for those that wants to combine both free and paid traffic to get the most out of their marketing.

All the best, Tommy Olsson.

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