Vidamaze review

Vidamaze review good enough to buy?

This new product Vidamazev was laubched earlier today at 11 Am Est. The guys behind Vidamaze goes by the names of Chris Jenkins and Prady. This new product is said to make it much easier for marketers to generate leads and make money from videos. I have tried and tested this product as you can see in my Vidamaze review video below.

And I will of course share my homest opinions in this Vidamaze review as well.




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Features of Vidamaze

What you can do with Vidamaze are as follows.

Vidamaze Works for all list types, niches, and audience. You will be able to create trigger reels to get more sales into your business. You get access to 10  ready-made and fully editable “Trigger Reel” videos for the hottest niches today… ready for you to plug in and play to start getting more views and sales. You can make your sales page URL appear inside the video, exactly when you want. You can put it in inside a image or through a text link in your videos. You can also link to an opt in form in your videos.


Vidamaze review
Vidamaze review


You will be able to instantly email your attention bringing videos to your list, from inside the dashboard of Vidamaze. You can have the prospects  , name, email or location appear in your videos. You will have access to video analytics. This will help you to get an over view of  what’s working, where people are dropping off and fine tune your videos for unstoppable domination in your niche. Vidamaze comes with a 30 day money back garantee. This means that if you should have second thoughts about your purchase then simply ask for a re  fund within those 30 days.


Vidamaze review
Vidamaze review


My conclusions

I feel when using the tools inside Vidamaze that it is really easy to accomplish what you want with your videos, even if you are a total beginner. The features inside this product is something new that I really haven+nt seen before. I truly believe this product Vidamaze can help marketers to generate more leads and build their lists. And in the long run also help them to make more sales online. You can manage with the front end offer even if the uogrades  can be wort looking into. But that is totally up to you of course.

Anyhow, I can really recommend this product. So yes, it is really worth to buy this product. Thank you for reading my Vidamaze review.



These are the bonuses that you will receive when buying the front end of Vidamaze;


  • Deal closing secrets. Video training on how to effectively close sales for a online business as well as for a offline business.
  • Training on how to spy on local competition in a totally etical and legal way.
  • Buyers list ninja. Learn how to build a big buyers list fast.
  • Banking with bonuses. Learn how to use bonus pages to make people buy from you. Learn about the bonus page triggers that makes people buy. This is a training done by Brendan Mace.

You get instant access to these bonuses after purchase.



Grab Vidamaze & bonuses here


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