We got friends

We got friends.

We got friends is in pre launch right now. People can get their free position now and start building their downlines.

But they will also get help building one of the so called “legs” in their downline with this system. I usually do not get involved with pre launches, but because my mentor knows the owner and because the product is in demand and will be very valuable¬† among all marketers I decided to sign up to We got friends. To get an overview of this business, feel free to check out the video below.


The product

So what is the product that We got friends offers? It is something that every marketer needs ; leads. Leads are like what gasoline is to a car. Without it the car stop, and without your online business will stop and die… With We got friends you will be able to sell leads as well, while you promote anything you wat to your list. And yes, you get help building your list with this system. It is two legs in your down line and you get help filling one of the legs, the other leg you will have to fill yourself. Timing is importing because now you can start for free and start building, so that you get paid as much as possible when We got friends will go live. It will go live within 19 days.


We got friends
We got friends

Who is it for?

We got friend is for anyone that wants to build their list and build it fast. It is also of course for anyone that wants to make money online. It could fit for begginners within online marketing that wants to be able to start buildingt their list and income. It can also be for already successful marketers that wants to add another source of income. Every marketer needs to build their list no matter how successful they already are. So this business and opportunity can become a great resource for any online / affiliate marketer. It is not for you if you expect to have your entire business built for you without putting in any effort. You need to treat your business like a business. You need to put in as much effort as you possibly can. The more effort you put in the more result you will get.


We got friends
We got friends


The price point

Ao what will inte cost you when We got friends launches? It will cost you a monthly fee of $64.95. But it should be worth it as you can build a huge list promoting ytor offers to, And you will be able to sell leads to fellow marketers. So if you start to build this then you could be building up a substantial income this way. Because you will also earn commissions from everyone in your downline. It costs money to start and run a business, and I think the fee for this business is pretty low.


Claim your free position here



Anyone that grabs their free position with We got friends will access very valuable bonuses done by Michael Cheney.

Those bonuses are;

  • The customer magnet. How to get attract and keep the best customers for your business.
  • Big commission bootcamp. How to turn tiny commissions into big ones over night.
  • .Uncensored affiliate secrets. The Closely-Guarded Insider Cash-Creating Secrets Others Paid $4997 to Discover.


After you have set up your free account, then connect with me on Facebook here. Then provide me with your username so that I know that you have signed up through my link. Then I will send you these bonuses at once. You can also copnnect with me through the dashboard of We got friends.




We all need leads to build our business, quality leaads. I feel like this business with We got friends cab change the situation for a lot of struggling marketers. But not only for struggling marketers, for the already successful as well. But remember; this is nolazy passive way to make money, you will only make money if you take 100% action and put in a lot of effort into it. Nothing great can be created without any work put in. Now,  I would recommend any online marketer to grab their free position now and start building their business.

Are you a beginner or a already successful marketer`Leave your comments below.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.


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