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We got friends nitroline tutorial

I recently wrote a blog post about We got friends,

but in this post I wlll explain and show you how the Nitroline with We got friends works and what you should think about.when it comes to the Nitroline. You may already seen a lot of others sharing this opportunity because promotions are being made now all across the net. I willl also reveal other things about We got friends. You can check out my tutorial video below.



What is in it for you?

What will you get access to as an We got friends member? You get access to….


  • 100 leads or more per month
  • The ability to sell leads through your own e store
  • Getting help building your binary downline
  • Marketing training through for instance webinars
  • Acess to the We got friends Facebook group where uodates and marketing tips are being shared


What is a binary compensation plan?

A binary compensation plan has two so called legs. In We got friends case you have to build one of the legs by sponsoring new member, but the other leg is built for you through so called spillover. What if you are not that good at spomsoring? Well attend att the different training and take advice from your sponsor, because it is your sponsors responsibility to help you getting more results. On the other hand it is your responsibility asb well. You need to do what your sponsor is telling you and you need to apply what you have learned. In other words, you need to take action on the advice given to you. Right now it is free to start building your downline and if you share that fact with as many people as possible, then I am sure you soon will have some sign ups. The compensation plan for this business will be revealed in a few days.


When you have signed up then click on Nitroline to the left at the dashboard. Then sett your downline binary to alternate. This way you will build your downline most effectively. It means that if you for instance sponsor two people, one of them will be placved in the right leg and the other one will be placced in the left leg,. This is happening by automation so you do not have to do anything. See how it should be set up in the image below.


We got friends
We got friends


Red and blue

Some people in your downline may be marked as blue or red. The blue ones are prospects whu o has not fully registered as members. The red ones on the other and are member that have completed the whole sign up process. You should contact the people in your downline that are blue and motivate them to be fully registrered. You can find their contact in formation when you go to the contact manager. But it goes without saying that you should help all your downlines to get started and share marketing advice with the. For instance, you should share with them that they need to set their binary nitroline to alternate. Should you not see a sign up in the contact manager then one of your sign ups has sponsored that person. Then it is their job to help them out to get started.


We got friends
We got friends



I bleive we got friends wil help out not only beginners within online marketing but also more experienced marketers. This because you are being able to build a huge list fast, and you get help building it. This fact could mean that struggling affiliates are getting more results in a business that they might never have accomplished before. But also for the fact that you will have your own  e- com store where you can sell leads. This can mean that you can in fact make 4 figures a month. At the launch the fee to benefit from We got friends will be $69.95 per month, but my opinion is that this is totally worth it. Considring what type of commissions you can be earning from this business.

Are you building your email list? Are you a newbee or a norew experienced marketer. Feel free to leave your comments below.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson

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