What is affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

If you are new to online marketing you might have asked yourself, what is affiliate marketing?

Well if you continue to read I will explain everything about affiliate marketing and how you can get started with it as a beginner.

You do not need  a product

So then , what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a great way of making money online, because you do not need your own product to promote. No, you simply earn a commission when making a sales for other peoples products. And for many products and offers you can sign up for free as an affiliate. The product owner/ the vendor of the product will decide a percentage  of the sales price that you will earn for every sales  that you will make for that product. That percentage can vary quite a bit. That percentage can for instance  be 25%, 50% and 75 %.


What is affiliate marketing


Why do they?

So why do all these businesses and vendors use affiliates to promote their different products? Simply because then they do not have to do the so called job themselves with driving traffic, generating leads and so on. And they also do not have to spend as much money by allowing people to promote their different products and offers. They will spend money regardless on traffic but by using affiliates they can make even more sales and money from their products.


What is affiliate marketing
What is affiliate marketing


How to start

So how do you start with affiliate marketing? Well one way is to start a blog, a niche blog. I recommend that you get a wordpress blog with your own hosting and domain name, the domain name should be branded to yourself or the niche you are blogging about. Choose a domain name that is easy to remember. Do not choose a too long of a domain name. But why set up a niche blog then? It is because you can't blog about anything or or everything, people will be confused then and not regard you as a serious business person. Besides that, you need to put yourself out there as the go to person regarding a specific topic ina specific niche, and become an expert in your chosen niche. Create at least 3 blog posts a week so that your audience will see that you are really consistent and serious about your blogging and business.


What is affiliate marketing
What is affiliate marketing

Video marketing

What is Affiliate marketing? Making videos and upload them to Youtube and other video platforms is  really great when you want free traffic to the offers that you are promoting. If you never have made  a video it may feel a  bit over whelming at first and you might feel a bit nervous. But do not worry about that, it will go easier the more videos that you will record. And you will also get better at making those videos. To learn more about making reat videos you could always subscribe to top names in your niche and watch their videos, to see how they structure their videos and so on. Record at least 2 videos per week or more. When uploading videos make sure that you follow You tubes (for instance)  rules to keep your account safe.

There may be other ways of starting to make money with affiliate marketing, but getting started with blogging and making videos I believe are two free and powerful ways to get the ball rolling so to say. Are you thinking of getting started with affiliate marketing? Comment below.

To your success, Tommy Olsson.

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