What is cpa marketing

What is cpa marketing?

Cpa marketing is regarded by many as one of the easiest ways to make money online. But what is cpa marketing? Cpa stands for cost per action or cost per acquisition. What this means is that when you as an affiliate drive traffic toa cpa offer, and the visitor to that landing page performs a certain action, well then you get paid. What action you get paid for is of course dercided by the offers vendor. You can get paid for when a lead fills out a opt in form,when they watch a video or perform a survey. These are justa few examples about wht you could get paid for when working with Cpa marketing. The different cpa offers can have different rules for when it comes to making money with their offers. Sometimes they allow global traffic, but sometimes they only accept traffic for one or a  couple of countries. So make sure that you check out the rules for each offer that you are thinking about promoting. I recorded this video earlier today about Cpa marketing, feel free to check it below…




I recommend that you promote offers where the potential costumer enters their  email adress into a form, because this is one of the easiest startegies when it comers to making money with Cpa offers.


Always build your list

Never promote a direct affiliate link directly to people. Instead set up a capture page and write email follow up letters. Because then you can promote what ever offers you want to that list time and time again.If you just share the direct affiliate link for your cpa offers, then that particular prospect might just see your offer once. And basically people need to see an offer at least 7 times before they will buy from you. So do not use just the direct link. Share it instead in your follow emails to your list. When it comes to creating your capture page, have a look at your offers sale page and use similar ad copy. That way you do not have to think that much about what to write on your capture page. Another positive side to this is that your  capture page then will be congruent with your offers sales page, which is very beneficial.


What is cpa marketing

The traffic

Even if Cpa marketing is a quite easy way to make money with, you still need to know how to drive consistent traffic to your cpa offers. If you do not want to spend money on paid ads then you could start with free traffic strategies. Not all traffic is good traffic, that goes for both paid as well as free traffic resources. But here I have a training with several free traffic strategies that really converts. You can use these free strategies and then scale them up as you go. Because it is a good idea when starting making sales from your free traffic to take that profit and invest in paid traffic. This so that you can build your income faster and so that you do not have to work as hard on your free traffic resources. Even if you start to make good profit later on you could still benefit from a combination of free and paid traffic.

What is cpa marketing


Cpa marketing is quite popular as it is a quite easy way to make money online, and it is also quite beginner friendly. But you also need to know how to drive quality traffic consistently. There are free strategies for that If you have  a limited budget. You could do blogging, videos, podcast just to mention a few free resources. No matter what strategy you choose to use make sure that you are being focused and consistent with your chosen method. Because the methods only work when we work the methods.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.

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