Launch jacking

What is launch jacking really?

What is launch jacking .Launch jacking is a sort of affiliate marketing and it is a still a quite popular method of online marketers when it comes to making money. Hello, Tommy Olsson here. Thank you for visiting my blog. If you prefer to watch a video on what is launch jacking then feel free to watch the tutorial video below.



Making the bigger numbers

To make the bigger amounts of money through  launch jacking it truly helps to have a big list of subscribers. But it is still possible to make sales with launch jacking even if you do not have a list and are a beginner within affiliate marketing. But I am not going to lie, it may take a while before you see that first sale when you are doing launch jacking. But as it is for any strategy of making money, it takes consistency and focus.


How it really works

Launch jacking is a totally legit and ethical way of making money online.What launch jacking is, is when you make the most of upcoming product launches, and one of the powerful ways to do this type of marketing is by  recording video reviews about the products. A few days before the specific product launches is a great advantage if you record  and upload your video review to for instance Youtube. Then if you have done the search engine optimization correct for that video, then you can actually make sales from that video. Because when people have heard about a new product and makes a google search or a search with another search engine and your video ranks well for the chosen keyword, well then if your video review is gone, then this can lead to that people buys that product  from you.


Launch jacking
Launch jacking


Getting approved

So how do you get approved to promote the product that you want to promote? Well if you only made a few sales in general with affiliate marketing and promoting digital products or if you not  yet have managed to make one sale even, when then it gets a bit harder. It gets harder then in comparison to if you have made quite a lot of sales this way. But even as a beginner you still can get approved by vendors to promote their products. To get approved you can introduce yourself and say that you are constantly learning more and more about affiliate marketing. And if you are a student of a successful marketer and entrepreneur then mention that as well. It is also important that you describe for the vendor how you will promote their product. If you are going to make video reviews, if you have a email list you will promote their offer through and if you maybe will be writing blog posts about the product as a review.


Review access

When you are doing video reviews you of course must have access to the product so that you can show everything about it in your video. Sometimes vendors get you review access even if you are a beginner with very few sales made, but sometimes vendors will not then give you review access. But if you can afford to buy the product then you could do that. Even if this means that you can't make the review until the launch day. But on the other  hand, you will then have full access to the product.


Launch jacking
Launch jacking


The review

You should offer free bonuses  for anyone that decides to purchase the products that you are promoting. Some people even buys the product only because of the hgih value of the bonuses . So the better your bonuses are, the bigger are your chances of making sales of that product.  Do not be scared of telling some flaw that the product have, some negative side to the product that you have discovered. Your viewers will appreciate that. But then again,should you discover that the product is of low quality and not living up to its promises well then you may want to d ecide not to promote the product after all. Because you need to think about your reputation also. So I hope that you have a clear picture of what launch jacking is now.



Although you can benefit from using launch jacking to make money online, it still is easier to make money if you already have a list. And like I have mentioned earlier in this blog post, you should always offer free valuable bonuses in order to generate that sale. It is even more beneficial if you can offer some kind of personal bonus, to stand out from the other marketers that are promoting the same product as you are. Those personal bonuses can for instance be a video series where you share something that you have learned about marketing and making money online. Or you could have a webinar where you offer a training that has something to do with online marketing.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.

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