What is pinging

What is pinging?

There are different types of pinging, but the type of pinging that I will share information about in this blog post is about pinging blogs and websites.  In case you are not familiar with what search engine optimisation is, then I will explain that too if you continue to read.  Search engine optimisation is not something you can leave out of the picture if you are a blogger or website owner. Because by optimising your content you will be able to gereate free traffic. Pinging has to do with search engine optimisation, and I will explain the benefits with pinging your content as soon as you have created and published it.

Below is a video where I also give answers to the question “what is pinging” and the benefits with it.




To start with

To begin witn  I want to explain what search engine optimisation is and why it is so important. Search engine optimisation is a method of improving your websites or blogs amount of traffic it will receive. You are optimising your content to get maximal exposure in the search engines and the search results. My SEO optimising your content you will generate freee organic traffic. Search  engine optimisation is being used toincrease the number of visitors to a blog or website. These visitors can be turned inton leads or paying customers. These visitors can then potentially be converted into customers. The better your content will rank the more visitor you will receive to your blog or websute. Source; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine_optimization


What is pinging
What is pinging


Crawling webpages

A thing that also has to do with search engine optimisation is getting your website crawled. But what does this mean? A Web crawler,  is an Internet bot that systematically browses the internet and that is typically operated by search engines for ranking websites. Not only written content on your blog will be included in this optimation process but also images. I am using a free WordPress plugin to help me get my blog posts crawled and ranked. It is called Smart  crawl. With this WordPress plugin you can see the keyword density of your content.  You will see if your seo titel of your blog post is too long or too short. You will find out if your meta description has the correct length. You will also know if there is some backlinks missing in your content. Basically this free plugin will let you know what you need to improve in your blog post.


What is pinging and why use it?

So what is pinging and why should you ping your blog and website? It is a process that will help your content to rank faster in the search engines. A Ping service may notify multiple services when pinged, such as;

  • Search engines
  • Website directories
  • News websites
  • Aggregators
  • Feed websites

Source; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ping_(blogging)



What is pinging
What is pinging


We want our content of course to rank as quickly as possible, and that is why we need to ping our content as soon as it get published. Because by pinging our content we are letting the search engines and blog diectories know that we have new fresh content that they need to rank. In the video above I am sharing 3 free to use pinging services that you can use. Those are;

  • Pingler
  • Pingomatic
  • Pingfarm


There may be other free ping services that you can use as well. At Pingler you can choose to invest a little sum of money to get more pinging done for your content.- WordPress are for instance using Pingomatic.


What is pinging
What is pinging


So I hope you have learned something by reading this blog post where I am answering the question; “what is pinging” and why you should ping your blog and website.  Pinging has to do with search engine optimisation and SEO is not something that you can leave out of the picture. Because if you do, you are pretty much putting all that work into content creation for nothing. You need to optimise all your content at all times. Search engine optimisation and pinging will help you get more free and organic traffic to your blog or websiote.


If you are not sure what organic traffic is, then it is free traffic that you generate by sharing a lot of value cinsistenly in different ways. Such as through blogging, making videos and posting on social media.

I have noticed that some marketers are saying that it does not matter if you are pinging your content or not. But I have a different opinion. I believe that pinging will help your content to rank, and pinging can be a totally free method to use, so why not use it? When using free traffic organic traffic even if that is a good reliable type of traffic, then using this type of traffic takes a bit longer time to generate results from compared to if you are using paid traffic. So I would say that then we need tu use every resource we can to be able to rank our content as fast as we can. Therefor I recommend that you ping your content. Because there are so many blogs out there that we have to compete with, so we simply need to do our very best to optimise and get our content ranked.

If you have an limited budget then pinging is a great free strategy for you to generate more traffic to your blog and website. I will personally continue to ping my content because I strongly believe in its usefulness.  Do you have a blog?  Do you think that pinging is valuable and useful ? Are you pinging your new fresh content? Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. Welcome back to check out more content on this blog.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson


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