What is sms marketing

What is sms marketing?

So what is sms marketing?

Sms marketing is pretty popular among marketers and can be very profitable if it is done correctly. What is sms marketing? Sms marketing means that you send promotional messages with your cellphone to generate more business leads or to make more sales for your business or for affiliate marketing products that you promote. Almost everyone all around the world owns a cell phone, imagine if you could connect with all these people, or at least get in contact with most of these people? Sms marketing makes it so you do not have to chase leads that much, with a good system and campaign you could have those leads reaching out to you. Sms messages usually gets a better open rate compared to  regular emails that you send out to your list.. That is why it is a good idea to add sms marketing to your marketing strategies.


What is sms marketing
What is sms marketing

To do it right

But of course to be able to text people you need their approval first, so they need to be subscribed to your list and campaign. Otherwise you are sending spam which is unethical, and we do not want to do that. Because you can get fined large amounts for not following these rules.


The timing

At what time you send out your text messages can be very important, so that is a important thing to consider when sms marketing or when you are doing regular regular email marketing. So find out where your leads are living and find out their time zone. If you are planning to text prospects then you must be aware o that it is illegal to send sms messages to people there on Sundays, holidays, or anytime after 10 PM. Make sure that you include your name and business in any text message you are sending out, so that your prospects know who has sent it to them.

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What is sms marketing
What is sms marketing


So many ways to do it

There are so many ways to promote products and a business online, therefor make the most of your marketing and add sms marketing to your so called arsenal as well. Because it works for so many marketers. To increase your income and to optimize it you should promote your business or products in many different ways. But you should of course only use strategies that provides good reults, that goes without saying. So check out your different marketing strategies to see how well they work every now and them. Keep the ones that works and remove those startegies that do not. Then you might find other strategies and sources that you will add to your marketing efforts instead.



What is sms marketing? Using sms marketing is a great choice a great strategy to promote anything that you are offering, but you shouldn't let it be the only way that you are promoting your business. Use  it in combination with for instance your regular email marketing and other types of marketing. Sms marketing can be used to promote products and businesses in any niche, and so many people owns a cell phone so that means that you could connect with a lot of potential buyers all around the world. Did you enjoy this Blog post? Comment below.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.



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