Never give up

Never give up

This article will be about why we should never give up on our dreams, why we never should give up on somerthing that we truly want. I will also tell you my story , my journey since I started with online marketing up till now.

Never give up
Never give up

It all started when I was thinking about exploring another way of making a living, besides the low paid and boring job I had back the. That was more then 13 years ago now.

I knew  nothing about marketing and making sales online back then. I started to join a matrix program amd I did my best to share the benefits with it at social sites for instance. I remember this social site that I used to be a member of, I connected with many people there but the thing was that everyone more or less, was promoting their own business opportunities but hardly anyone I believe was willing to join otr look into another persons offer there. People was inboxing me with teir offers And I did the same.


But I never spammed anyone with my opportunity, but I did not know how to have a conversation with people an build trust. Because I had never been involved with online marketing before. In the end I gave up on that matrix program, Because I never made any sales with it. But after a while someone shared another matrix program that I decided to join. Although I hadnt learned any new skills within marketing I still thought that it somehow would go better this time around with this new opportunity. That was of course a bit silly of me.


Others went the same route

But I believe there were others that did the same exact mistakes that I did. I joined many opportunities that I sooner or later gave up on due to lack of results. It actually took me several years before I made any money online. But why did I keep on hustling for all these years without making any sales? It was because something inside me refused to give up. I refused to give up and quit. I did not want to be a quitter. I wanted to succeed with my marketing, otherwise I would have wasted all those years for nothing. I came across different mentors a long my journey and slowly I was starting to see more results through my marketing.

So basically what I want to say to you is that if you really want to accomplish something, then never give up. Because you never know what will happens tomorrow or the next week. You could have your break through then, and if you quit before thewn then you never willl experience that break through. This message about that you should never give up, does not have to include online marketing. It can be regarding anything that you want to have and making a reality.


Never give up
Never give up

What helped me 

As I have written here it took me a long time to start making sales online. This free training has helped me a lot as well as being a part of that community. Because if you are going to be successful with affiliate marketing or any other type of marketing, you need a good mentor. Someone who knows more then you about marketing and have the type of success that you also want to have. Then listen to n your mebtor and do erverything that he or she advices you to do. Do not let pride stand in your way.

If you would like top notch mentoring then I recommend that you  visit this page and check out the community that I am a part of.



When you have a dream or goals you want to reach then decide for yourself right from thev start to never give up.  When we are talking about online marketing then know that your journey will not go on a straight line. There will be bad days, there will be badf days when you want to quit and give up. At those hard moments you need to be strong and never give up. It may be difficult at tiomes before you reach those goalös of yours, but the feeling when you have reached them will be priceless.`You also need a mentor, because you simply can not figure out everything by yourself. Do you have soecific goals and dreams that you want to make a reality? Did this blog post motivate you? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.

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