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WordPress is not just a great platform when it comes to creating a blog and starting making money with that blog.  But WordPress offers a lot more the the ability to set up blogs. You can also host website builders on WordPress and build for instance an E commerce site / e eCommerce store. Or setting up a website for a online business that you want to build up is also a great idea. Because if people can't find you online, then you basically do not exist As a serious professional business owner you simply need to have a website. So in this blog post I will be giving my honest opinions about WordPress page builders and my recommendations on what page builders that you could  be interested in getting started with. Below is my video on this topic as well that I recorded earlier today.



And the winners are…

The two wordpress page builders that I recommend is page builders that I am using my self. I have for instance set up this blog and website with the help of  these WordPress website builders. And so what builders am I going on about. Well they are The Divi builder and Elementor. Now I am going to share with you the positive and negative sides to these two WordPress website and page builders.



The Divi Builder

The first page builder that I am going to talk about is Divi. The Divi builder is a very easy builder to use that even the most inexperienced user could set up a website with pretty easy. It works in a easy to use drag and drop manor. You could use this Divi builder to create basic website but if you are more experienced you could easily set up a more advanced type of website as well. So if you want to for instance create a e commerce store and maybe use it for drop shipping well then Divi builder is a great choice for that.


Then we have Elementor

Elementor is also a great website builder and page builder for anyone that never have set up  a website before. But Elementor is a little bit more difficult to use for beginners, so if you are a total beginner regarding creating a website, then you might have a bit longer so called learning curve then if you should be using the Divi builder. But to be really  honest, Elementor is not super difficult to understand how to use it, but again a little more difficult then the Divi builder. But Elementor also uses a easy to use drag and drop method.




The Different Pricing…

Elementor will cost you USD 99 per year if you want to have hosting included too. the Divi builder will cost you $89/ Year, or if you want lifetime access that will cost you $2491-Time. However there is another  that you might want to consider. How about getting acess to these two website builder and have them hosted under one roof so to speak? With several pages already created for you within diffferent niches? Pages that you can edit and tweak them in any way you want? You also will get access to a WordPress  blog for every website that you are creating. And you get access to all this through a 14 day free trial. If this sounds interesting then simply click here.



Every serious business owner needs to have a website, a high quality website. If you do not have a website then how can people find you? There are so businesses iut there so You need to stand out from the competition. Therefor your website needs to be of high quality and convert visitors into buyers. So by reading this blog post you now have insight on two very good and easy to use website builders.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.

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