Wordpress spped optimization

WordPress speed optimization.

When you have a website then it is very important that you pages on your site and the main page itself loads fast. Because your visitors do not want to wait for your pages to load. If so then that can lead that you will loose out on leads and sales. Because you want to provide  your website visitor with a positive experience when visiting your website. Website speed and page speed is also important when it comes to Seo; search engine optimization. Your website speed in fact decides how well your site will rank in the search results. WordPress is the blog platform with the most plugins that users  can benefit from.


Wordpress spped optimization


WordPress offers 59000 free plugins and thousands of paid plugins as well that you can benefit from using. And in this blog post I will share with you a free WordPress plugin that will improve WordPress speed optimization. It will make your website run and load faster.  The plugin is called Flying pages. You can watch a tutorial about this free plugin below.



How to use Pre loading

A feature with this free WordPress plugin Flying pages, is that it pre loades your website pages before anyone even clicking on your sites links. In fact it pre loads your pages when someone just hovering with the mouse over your links. This means that when actually clicks a link the pages opens at once. So this is pretty cool…The Flying pages plugin is created in a way that makes sure that the pre loading will not crash your server or make it run slow. This plugin also stops if your server is busy. There are different settings for this WordPress plugin , and those options are;


  • The time the plugin will delay to start pre loading
  • Max request per second
  • You can choose to allow pre loading only when mouse over
  • Time for mouse hover delay
  • You can set up what keywords you want the plugin to ignore
  • You can choose to have the pre loading set to disabled for logged in admins of your site.


Wordpress spped optimization


Downloading the plug in

You can download the Flying pages plugin at wordpress.org, or you can gop to pluins at your wordpress blog dashboard and then search for it. When you have installed it to your blog go to the setting section to set up the settings you want for the plugin. The page builder that I mention in the video, that you can check out here.



WordPress speed optimization is very important for several reasons. First off your site needs to load fast to give your visitirs a positive experience of your site and also so that you do not loose out on possible leads and sales from having a slow site. The other is seo search engine optimization, a fast loading website improves the search engine rankings. As you know, seo is very important for anyone that want to get more exposure and generate results and conversions from their website. So if you have issues with your website loading slow then you could benefit from using this  free WordPress plugin Flying pages.

All the best, Tommy Olsson.

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