WordPress tips on improving website speed

WordPress tips about speed.

So in this blog post I will share with you 3 tips that will help you improve your WordPress websites speed, so that it will load faster. But why is it so important that a website opens quickly then? Well to bein with it is very important that your website loads fast when a visitor want to check out your website. Because they do not want to sit and wait for along time for your site to load. So it is important that it loads as fast as possible, so that you do not miss out on leads and sales for your business.

A slow website might give users a negative impression on your website visitors. A fast-loading WordPress website, on the other hand, gives a smooth and seamless experience, increasing customer happiness.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Search engines take website speed into account when ranking websites. Search engines prefer fast-loading websites because they want to offer their users with the best results available. Websites that load quickly have a higher chance of ranking higher in search engine results, resulting in more visibility, organic traffic, and potential clients. And that is what we want.

Conversion Rates: Slow-loading websites are not a positive thing when it comes to  conversion rates.  A slow website causes users to leave it before buying anything, filling out a form, or engaging with its content. Faster websites, on the other hand, have higher conversion rates and are more likely to keep visitors. And that is of course what we want in order to make sales as well as generating leads.




With the increased use of mobile phones and such, the importance  of website speed has grown even more. Mobile users may have slower internet connections and data plans that are limited. Website performance optimization for mobile devices ensures that consumers can access and browse your site efficiently, regardless of their device or connection. To attract mobile users you simply must have a fast loading website..

Website speed is very important in order to compete with other website owners.. You have a better chance of capturing and retaining visitors if your website is speedier than your competitors'. Speed can provide a competitive advantage, especially in businesses where customer experience and convenience are critical.

Overall, the speed of a website has a direct impact on customer satisfaction, search engine rankings, conversion rates, mobile experience, and competitiveness. Businesses may improve their online presence, user engagement, and, ultimately, their success by prioritizing and optimizing website speed.

In the video below you can discover my 3 top tips when it comes to improving the speed to any WordPress website.



The 3 tips

The 3 tips that I have shared with you in the video above involves, plug ins, images in your WordPress blog content, and caching widgets. Let us start with the plugins. Do you have many plug ins installed? Maybe many that you no longer are using? Then remove them because having many plug ins will slow down your blog and website. So remove those plug ins that you have no use fore any longer.

Images. If you are downloading images from the net then they might be to large in size, this will also slow down your website. Use Tinyjpg for free to compress your images before you use them in your blog content.

Now to the caching widgets. There are many free caching widgets that you can use, some of them are really good. Using a cache widget will make your website load faster. So if you do not yet using such a widget then go to your widget area and search för cache widgets. If you are ready to spend some money on such a widget then I can recommend Wp speed. But you can manage fine with the free cache widgets as well. It is up to you. Anyway, you can get access to Wp rocket for $59 per year. That is the cheapest pacage. Then you get product updates and support for one website.




Other strategies

Are there other strategies to help you improve your sites speed apart from the advice I have given earlier? Yes there are… I recommend that you use a reliable hosting provider: Select a trust worthy  provider that provides WordPress-optimized servers. Look for suppliers who are well-known for their speed, uptime, and customer service. Although shared hosting plans are less expensive, they may result in poorer performance owing to sharing resources with other websites. For improved speed and performance, consider using a managed WordPress hosting provider.

Minify and Combine CSS/JS Files: Minifying reduces the size of CSS and JavaScript files by removing superfluous characters. Combining numerous files into one reduces the number of server queries. Plugins such as Autoptimize and WP Rocket can assist you with this optimization.

GZIP compression minimizes the size of files transferred from the server to the user's browser, resulting in faster page loading times. GZIP compression is enabled by default by most current hosting providers. However,there is a easy way of doing this, you can enable it manually by using plugins such as WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache.

Optimize and clean up your WordPress database on a regular basis to remove unneeded data such as spam comments  and post revisions,  Plugins like WP-Optimize can help you optimize your database.




Update WordPress and Plugins on a Regular Basis: Keep your WordPress , themes, and plugins up to date. Updates including performance improvements, bug fixes, and security patches are often released by developers. Keeping your website up to date can help it perform better.Monitor and Analyze Performance: Use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, or Pingdom to frequently monitor and analyze the performance of your website. These tools provide information and ideas for improving the speed of your website.

Some of the advice that I shared here now may be for the more advanced person, but starting off with my 3 tips that this post was focusing on regarding website speed, is a great start.

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Website speed is a very importent thing to learn about and apply for any website owner. It has to do with SEO and not having people leaving your sie because they get irritated because it takes too long for your site to load. Nobody enjoys when a website takes forever to load. So to do your best to make your website as fast as possible is something I strongly recommend. Did you learn something new by reading this blog post? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.

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