Writing a blog post

Writing a blog post for Seo

Are you beginner when it comes to blogging? Do you wonder how to search engine optimize your blog content? Then continue to read and I will give you some answers to these topics about writing a blog post.  A good length of a blog post is for 2000 words. I know it sounds like a lot , but the more you  writing a blog post the better you will get at using words. So over time you should be able to make your blog posts longer and longer. But when writing a blog post, at least make them consist of 500 words.  Because Google loves a lot of content. And the longer content that you write the better, if it is optimized. Seo or search engine optimization is not something that you can leave out of the picture. Because you must optimize your content to get as much exposure as possible. Below you can watch a video that I recorded earlier today on this exact subject, regarding blogging and search engine optimization.



Your chosen keywords

To make it easy to rank your blog posts you should choose keywords with a low competition level. Especially if you want to use organic traffic, free traffic methods. You can use free keywords tools like Google adwords when doing your keyword research. You need  to do a keyword research for every blog post that you want to create. Otherwise you have no clue what people are searching for and what they want to find answers to.

The permalink

You may want to change the perma link for your blog posts. Do not make it to long, the most important thing is that it includes your chosen keywords and a few other words. If you make your permalink to be to the point then this will help the rankings as well for your blog post.


Writing a blog post
Writing a blog post



Choose a category that fits the subject of your blog content. For instance if you are writing a post about making money blogging, then you can for instance choose the category name “blogging”. So choose a category that makes sense regarding what your blog post is about.


The tags

The tags are a bit like keywords. Some bloggers may use plenty of those tags but I recommend a different approach. Do not add to many,it is better to add fewer tags that is so to say to the point. Add for instance 6-7 tags but not that many more.


Writing a blog post

Back linking

To help your content to rank better you should back link to your previous posts. Back links is very important when it comes to search engine optimization. It is also a great benefit to link to a website or blog that ranks at number one on google. But if that site is a competitor then avoid linking to it. Because you do not want to benefit the competition. But if you must link to that website then make sure to set your link as an “no follow” link. Or link to a website that ranks for instance at number 2 at Google if it is not a competitor. If your blog post is shorter then 2000 words then you might want to limit the amount of back links. It depends on if it looks like there is to many links in your post. But you should be fine if you are going for the longer posts.



Having a blog is a great asset when it comes to generate free traffic and organic traffic. A thing to remember is that blogging is not a get rich quick thing. But over time if you stat consistent and post a lot of value, yes then you can build up a income through your blog. But you have to be patient and give it time. I hope now that you know a bit more about writing a blog post and search engine optimization.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.

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