We got friends nitroline tutorial

We got friends nitroline tutorial

I recently wrote a blog post about We got friends,

but in this post I wlll explain and show you how the Nitroline with We got friends works and what you should think about.when it comes to the Nitroline. You may already seen a lot of others sharing this opportunity because promotions are being made now all across the net. I willl also reveal other things about We got friends. You can check out my tutorial video below.



What is in it for you?

What will you get access to as an We got friends member? You get access to….


  • 100 leads or more per month
  • The ability to sell leads through your own e store
  • Getting help building your binary downline
  • Marketing training through for instance webinars
  • Acess to the We got friends Facebook group where uodates and marketing tips are being shared


What is a binary compensation plan?

A binary compensation plan has two so called legs. In We got friends case you have to build one of the legs by sponsoring new member, but the other leg is built for you through so called spillover. What if you are not that good at spomsoring? Well attend att the different training and take advice from your sponsor, because it is your sponsors responsibility to help you getting more results. On the other hand it is your responsibility asb well. You need to do what your sponsor is telling you and you need to apply what you have learned. In other words, you need to take action on the advice given to you. Right now it is free to start building your downline and if you share that fact with as many people as possible, then I am sure you soon will have some sign ups. The compensation plan for this business will be revealed in a few days.


When you have signed up then click on Nitroline to the left at the dashboard. Then sett your downline binary to alternate. This way you will build your downline most effectively. It means that if you for instance sponsor two people, one of them will be placved in the right leg and the other one will be placced in the left leg,. This is happening by automation so you do not have to do anything. See how it should be set up in the image below.


We got friends

We got friends


Red and blue

Some people in your downline may be marked as blue or red. The blue ones are prospects whu o has not fully registered as members. The red ones on the other and are member that have completed the whole sign up process. You should contact the people in your downline that are blue and motivate them to be fully registrered. You can find their contact in formation when you go to the contact manager. But it goes without saying that you should help all your downlines to get started and share marketing advice with the. For instance, you should share with them that they need to set their binary nitroline to alternate. Should you not see a sign up in the contact manager then one of your sign ups has sponsored that person. Then it is their job to help them out to get started.


We got friends

We got friends



I bleive we got friends wil help out not only beginners within online marketing but also more experienced marketers. This because you are being able to build a huge list fast, and you get help building it. This fact could mean that struggling affiliates are getting more results in a business that they might never have accomplished before. But also for the fact that you will have your own  e- com store where you can sell leads. This can mean that you can in fact make 4 figures a month. At the launch the fee to benefit from We got friends will be $69.95 per month, but my opinion is that this is totally worth it. Considring what type of commissions you can be earning from this business.

Are you building your email list? Are you a newbee or a norew experienced marketer. Feel free to leave your comments below.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson

Cub to lion 3 day challenge review

Cub to lion 3 day challenge

Marketing tools, good marketing tool is very important for any online marketer. That is, in most of the cases. But now there is this pretty new product that makes those expensive costs for all those tools to disapear. This product is called Cub to lion 3 day challenge.

Through the traiining you will discover how to generate lads and sales at no cost to you. This product is a great fit for any beginner within affiliate marketing, but it can also benefit more experienced online marketers. You can find my Cub to lion 3 day challenge review video below.


Introduction to affiliate marketing.

In case you are new to affiliate marketing, here follows an explanation on what it is and how it works. As an affiliate marketer you are promoting someone elses product. You receive a certain percentage of the sales price of the product for each sale that you are makining on every sale. It is the bvendor of the product that decides the percentage you  will earn per sale. There are different platforms where you can create a free account and start to request different affiliate products. Such platforms just to mention a few is, Warriorplus, Jvzoo and Clickbank. Affiliate marketing is regarded as a so called easy way of start to makingt money online. However it may take a while before a total beginner makes his or hers first sale. It has to do with the learning curve, you need to learn and keep learning how to actually promote and make the sale with affiliate marketing. We all are different and have different learning curves. So do not expect to much to  soon. Keep learning and apply what you have learned.


Cub to lion 3 day challenge

Cub to lion 3 day challenge


What is different?

So what is different with Cub to lion 3 vday challenge and the training inside this product, compared to other trainings? Well it focuses on the power of making money by using Facebook groups. There is step by step training inside the product on how to set it all up. You basically just need to set up one Facebook group to make these strategies to work.

Here follows what you get access to inside Cub to lion 3 day challenge…

Day 1 – Newborn – A full breakdown on how to create your Facebook Group in a way that gives you instant authority, and the key information needed to build trust with your customers, as well as how to avoid all the pitfalls that catch out the other 99%

Day 2 – The Hunt – A detailed plan on where and how to obtain leads through Facebook Organic Marketing using methods that many others are not doing

Day 3 – The Kill – The final piece of the puzzle, you are now a Lion/Lioness and Facebook is your plains. Here is how to monetize this Facebook Group that you have been building and convert those leads into sales

There is also a Fecebook group where you can access more training as well as support from the product owner Liam.

Cub to lion 3 day challenge

Cub to lion 3 day challenge


You will aöso receive bonuses from the product owner when purchasing the product for $15. Those bonuses are as follows;

A taining on more depth in a live group training, and show the various ways I generate Leads

Value: $197

Chatting With The Lion – This is an EXCLUSIVE interview Liam the product owner, did after he had hit 50+ in under 40 days from scratch

Value: $99

The Doc Library – Gain access to the various documents I use to help organize and manage my time better as well as track my goals and targets. These can also be used to fill out your group content

Value: $79


As you can see in the review video above there are additrional upgrades that you can choose to inves in. Those are:


  • Cub to lion VIP
  • Ultimate Marketing Mastermind
  • Cub to lion MANE


About Cub to lion MANE, it is not set up in the back office yet because it is brand new. But it is a quality advanced training on how you can connect with your prospects on a deeper level and brand yourself effectivelky. Right now there is a $150 discount for the first action takers and buyers of MANE. Click here and make sure to enter the code; MANE to claim this huge discount.



Wheb you have a limited budget then it is not always easy to afford all the marketing tools you think you need. But you do not need vtools like auto responders and capture page softwares. Not if you follow the training inside Cub to lion 3 day challenge. In fact you can generate leads for your Facebook group by using free organic traffic. You do not have to invest in any of the upgrades, you can succeed with the front end offer. However if you want to access the more advanced trainings you might want to consider some of the upgrades anyhow. But it is of course totally up to you.


We all need leads as marketers because without leads our business will die.  So when you can get them for free through organic traffic  well that is not something to complain about. Are you using organic traffic when promoting different offers online? Are you using Facebook in order to generate leads? Feel free to leave your comments below. Than you for reading.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.

We got friends leads and more leads

We got friends.

We got friends is in pre launch right now. People can get their free position now and start building their downlines.

But they will also get help building one of the so called “legs” in their downline with this system. I usually do not get involved with pre launches, but because my mentor knows the owner and because the product is in demand and will be very valuable  among all marketers I decided to sign up to We got friends. To get an overview of this business, feel free to check out the video below.


The product

So what is the product that We got friends offers? It is something that every marketer needs ; leads. Leads are like what gasoline is to a car. Without it the car stop, and without your online business will stop and die… With We got friends you will be able to sell leads as well, while you promote anything you wat to your list. And yes, you get help building your list with this system. It is two legs in your down line and you get help filling one of the legs, the other leg you will have to fill yourself. Timing is importing because now you can start for free and start building, so that you get paid as much as possible when We got friends will go live. It will go live within 19 days.


We got friends

We got friends

Who is it for?

We got friend is for anyone that wants to build their list and build it fast. It is also of course for anyone that wants to make money online. It could fit for begginners within online marketing that wants to be able to start buildingt their list and income. It can also be for already successful marketers that wants to add another source of income. Every marketer needs to build their list no matter how successful they already are. So this business and opportunity can become a great resource for any online / affiliate marketer. It is not for you if you expect to have your entire business built for you without putting in any effort. You need to treat your business like a business. You need to put in as much effort as you possibly can. The more effort you put in the more result you will get.


We got friends

We got friends


The price point

Ao what will inte cost you when We got friends launches? It will cost you a monthly fee of $64.95. But it should be worth it as you can build a huge list promoting ytor offers to, And you will be able to sell leads to fellow marketers. So if you start to build this then you could be building up a substantial income this way. Because you will also earn commissions from everyone in your downline. It costs money to start and run a business, and I think the fee for this business is pretty low.


Claim your free position here



Anyone that grabs their free position with We got friends will access very valuable bonuses done by Michael Cheney.

Those bonuses are;

  • The customer magnet. How to get attract and keep the best customers for your business.
  • Big commission bootcamp. How to turn tiny commissions into big ones over night.
  • .Uncensored affiliate secrets. The Closely-Guarded Insider Cash-Creating Secrets Others Paid $4997 to Discover.


After you have set up your free account, then connect with me on Facebook here. Then provide me with your username so that I know that you have signed up through my link. Then I will send you these bonuses at once. You can also copnnect with me through the dashboard of We got friends.




We all need leads to build our business, quality leaads. I feel like this business with We got friends cab change the situation for a lot of struggling marketers. But not only for struggling marketers, for the already successful as well. But remember; this is nolazy passive way to make money, you will only make money if you take 100% action and put in a lot of effort into it. Nothing great can be created without any work put in. Now,  I would recommend any online marketer to grab their free position now and start building their business.

Are you a beginner or a already successful marketer`Leave your comments below.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.


Professional services payday review

Professional services payday review.

The guys that call themselves Offline sharks has created a launched a new product called Professional nservices payday. The guys that are members of offline shars is; Nick Ponte, Tom Gaddis and Cameron Roat.  This product is a complete, step-by-step video training course that is said to show you how to crack the most lucrative niches in local marketing. You’ll learn how to quickly locate  a lot of ideal prospects, get through the gatekeeper with ease, and sell a simple $1,500-3,500+ service.

You can check out my Professional services payday review video below as well. In this video I am logging into the product and showing you how it all works. I am also sharing the upsells and downsells with this product, so that you can save some money. And also, I am going through the sales page a bit.

I will share with you my personal opinions on this product through this Personal services payday review.




Check out Professional Services Payday here


Professional services payday review

Professional services payday review


It says on the sales page that this product will show you how you can take up to 3 times more in fees when providing services to clients, then you used to be able to. The clients that you can sell these professional services to are for instance;


  • Law offices 
  • Doctors offices
  • Dentists
  • ​Podiatrists
  • ​Chiropractors
  • ​Architects
  • ​Accountants
  • ​Engineers
  • ​Financial advisers
  • Creative services
  • ​Real estate agents


Professional services payday review

Professional services payday review


The training that you will get access to when buying Professional services payday is set up in a step by step manor so that even beginners will be able to apply what they teach.You geta acess to a client getting strategy, training on prospecting for a fast payday, training on getting past the gate keeper, done for you themes set up, easy out sourcing, done for you for 3 niches. Right now you can get your copy of Professional services payday for $28. Then one full year of software access, updates and support is included. 



After going though this product I can hinesty say that I haven’t found any negative sides with Professional services payday. The training is easy to follow and grasp even if you are a total beginner. I find this to be a solid product and therefor I recommend it to anyone that want to run their own agency business. Thank you for checking out this Professional services payday review.


The bonuses

These are the bonuses that you receive instantly when buying the front end product of Professional services payday.


  • Michael Cheneys bestseller The customer magnet. Step by step guide on how to find atrract and keep the right customers.
  • Big commission bootcamp.  The ancient “cookie jar” philosophy which transforms tiny commissions into big ones overnight. (This will get

    you big results fast – even you’re just starting out.)

  • MICHAEL CHENEY’S UNCENSORED AFFILIATE SECRETS. The Closely-Guarded Insider Cash-Creating Secrets Others Paid $4997 to Discover.



Grab Professional services payday &  Bonuses here



Email octopus review how to receive 100 leads

Email Octopus review.

So in this email octopus review I will give you a total walk through of this autoresponder service that I am using. Email Octopus may not be as well known as Aweber and Getresponse for instance, but it is still a very good autoresponder.

If you are not sure about what an autoresponder is then let me explain. It is a software that allows you to automate the broadcasts and email campaigns to people that have subscribed to your list. They do so by filling out a form with their email adress and sometimes other details as well. By subscribing to your list  you have their permission to send emails to them when ever you want. As long as they are subscribed then you have the right to email them. Now about Email Octopus; you can start for free for one year but there is more to it then that. Because you can get access to this autoresponder service without any cost  for a much longer time then that.

Now, I will also explain how you can get instant access to 100 quality subscribers for free that you can start sending out emails to at once. . Feel free to have a look at my Email octopus review video below.



Different sides to the story

I know that there are some online marketers out there that are not building a list and they have no list to promote to. And a few marketers are making good money online by sharing value about their offers and then just sharing their affiliate linksm in their content. But I must say and recommend that you use list building and build up your list constantly. Because then you can email those peoples on your list promoting multiple products and offers.If you are just sharing afffiliate links in your content then people might only see your offer once. It is said that people need to see your offer 7 times before they buy. That is also one of the reasons to why you should build your list.  I would say that making money online gets so much easier when you have a buyers list, a responsive buyers list..


Email octopus review

Email octopus review

What is Email Octopus?

Email Octopus is a easy to use autoresponder. You can see for yourself in the video above how easy it really is to use. This autoresponder service offers a free plan that you ca use for a whole year before you need to upgrade. But there is a way that you can contine to use it after that year. Not only that but you can get 100 quality subscribers for free as well.


How do you receive the free leads then?

All you have to fdo to get access to the 100 leads that gets bautomatically added to your account at Email Octopus, is to spend 7 dollars. This is a one trime fee. Fo that 7 bucks you get access to a system with great high ticket marketing and this will help you to make high ticket sales with this system. When you join for 7 dollars you will have access to the first level of the system. But quite often the owners allos alll members to make 100% commissions. So this is really ver beneficial, particukarly if you right now have the money to upgrade right away to the higher levels at this system.

The system is by the way called List Lion.  You can check out List Lion right here. A thing that is quite new with List Lion is that you get instant payments through Stripe. This means that you do not have to wait for your commissions. The training inside List Lion is very beginner friendly in a step by step manor. You get access to a supportive Facebook group as well where the business owners also share valuable training.


Email octopus review


Difficult making high ticket sales?

Now maybe you wonder now if it isnt difficult to make high ticket sales? Not really not when you know how to promote high ticket offers to people. And that is what you will learn inside List Lion. When you have this skill, then selling a high ticket product will not be any more difficult then selling a lowq ticket product. More and more marketers are getting involved with high ticket offers, simply because they will build up ther income and wealth faster then if they should promote low ticket products.



Email Octopus is a great auto responder and it gets extra valuable as you can get a free accounht with them. As I have explained in this post there is a way that you in fact can keep that free account for a long time. And you can also rewceive 100 qualitysubscribers for free that you can start to email. Having a list of potential buyers is a very valuable asset to any online marketer and business owner. Then you need to have the skillset to write emails that sell of course, and if you do not have that skillset then you need to be willing to learn. But in any case it is a great  and very move to start building your list no matter what kind of experience you have right now.

And you will get instant access to these leads by simply spending 7 dollar. And by doing so you will learn how to generate more leads and make those high ticket sales. But it will not happen over night. But stay focused on the training and apply what you learn, and then I am sure you soon will see results. This is a one time payment by the way. By making high ticket sales you will be able to build up your income faster then if you focus on promoting low ticket offers. More and more online marketers are starting with high ticket marketing now as they see the benefits with it. Are you or have you been involved with a high ticket business? How did you like it? And are you building your list?  Leave your comments below.

Thank you for taking the time to check out this Email Octopus review, and welcome back to this blog at any time to check out more of my content..

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.

Sendiio 3.0 review

Sendiio 3.0 review

Sendiio 3.0 has recently gone live. It went live on the 7th of february att 11 AM est. Sendiio  is a product that have been launched before through earlier versions of this product.

But there has been some uppdates and improvements with Sendiio 30 compared to the earlier versions of the product. I will reveall all bout that in this Sendiio 3.0 review.

Like many other digital products nowadays Sendiio 3.0 includes AI; artificial intelligence. The guy behind this product goes by the name of Joshua Zamora I am giving you a total walk through of  this product n the Sendiio 3.0 review video below, I reveal all you need to know about this new product and my honest opinions in this review.



Check out Sendiio 3.0 here

The features

Sendiio 3.0 is a unique autoresponder that combines  Artificial Intelligence with The power of Email, Text, and Facebook Messenger Marketing Under ONE Central Dashboard. Your customers can now tap into the 3 MOST profitable marketing channels with Sendiio 3.0. TThose channels are;  email marketing,facebook messenger marketing.


Sendiio 3.0 review

Sendiio 3.0 review


So what is new?

So what is new with this new version of Sendiio?

These are the features that was not included in the earlier versions of Sendiio;

  • AI emails, sms and messenger copywriter. Instantly create emails, texts and social messages without writing anything yourself.
  • AI subject writer. Instantly create high converting subject lines for your emails.
  • Hybrid sequences feature. You can send out your messages in different ways, through email, throught sms texts, through ringless voice mail or a message on Fb messager.
  • Live calling feature with recordings. You can make lives from inside the app and get your recordings automatically saved.
  • Add blocks feature. Add image or text ads in the PS area of your emails.
  • Automated list ckean up. Automatically remove inactive subscribers.Automted language translations for emails.
  • Automated  subscribers geo location.
  • New user interface.
Sendiio 3.0 review

Sendiio 3.0 review


My conclusions

When you first log in to the product you might get a small experience of over whelm, regarding how to do everything with all the features inside Sendiio 3.0. But once you watch the different tutorials everyhing will fall into place. They are very detailed and are recorded in a easy to grasp pace. The many features you will get access to I believe will help marketers to promote ands build their business further. So I give this product my recommendation. Thank you for checking out this Sendiio 3.0 review.

If you want to get your copy of Sendiio 3.0 then you should know that it is in dime sell. That means that the longer you wait the more money you will have to pay for it.


The bonuses

These are the free bonuses that you will receive from me instanly at Jvzoo when buying the fron end offer of Sendiio 3.0

💫 Raiken. Go froim broke to $100k a month through Ebay. ($97 value)
💫 How to make $350 per day sending emails. ($97 value)
💫How to write head lines and emails that sell. ($137 value)
💫Private Facebook Support Group – ($197 Value)

Get Sendiio 3.0 and bonuses here



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